This barrel bag has 2 cotton straps and a zip closure. The nylon string attached to the zipper is from discarded fishing nets collected on Sri Lankan beaches.


Dimensions: Width: 45 cm, Diameter: 25 cm, Straps: 60 cm


This bag comes in five different colours: white, yellow, orange, green and blue. We choose matching fabrics.




Every Rice & Carry product is unique and handmade by women for fair wages. We use waste materials found in Sri Lanka, which are properly cleaned before being upcycled into a Rice & Carry product. All fabrics are handwoven in Sri Lanka.

Barrel Bag

  • All our products are fair trade certified and carry the WFTO label (World Fair Trade Organisation).

  • This product is made from an upcycled rice bag. Rice is Sri Lanka’s number one crop and often sold in big plastic bags on street markets. They are used only once and then thrown away - so we decided to upcycle them into our Rice & Carry bags.